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School Vision

Our school is an institute with ambitious expectations, aims at creating a new generation of great thinkers who are able to solve problems. It’s a place for the ambitious parents who want to provide high quality education for their children.

School Mission

  • A policy based on integrated systems that are applied in the best international schools.
  • Applying educational technology to prepare our school to be an ISO certified school.
  • The school policy continues from the kindergarten stage till the secondary stage.
  • Selecting highly qualified teachers who have experience and team work spirit.
  • The school applies strict discipline for both its staff and students from the very beginning of the academic year to its end.
  • Creating a quiet, friendly and safe atmosphere to make the students happy.
  • Treating the students in a fair way as well as helping them to develop their moral and religious aspects.
  • Implanting in the students love for their school and loyalty for their country.

GOD bless us all

Chairman of the Board of Directors